January 1, 2020

Food Tours of Houston

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Will Springfield - Houston Chef Leads Exciting Food Tours of Houston

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Phone: 281-513-1833
Email: wspringfield@sbcglobal.net

Will Springfield has been exploring the Houston food scene for years now and brings a wealth of knowledge to share with you. From taco trucks on Long Point to places where only Chinese dine on Bellaire Boulevard, he has covered this city from east to west and north to south in search of amazing places to dine.

These food tours are spectacular. Whether Will is leading it, or, if he brings in local culinary experts such as Michael Shum or John Nechman, or me, Jay Francis, to reveal their/our favorite, "secret", discoveries.

Houston is my home. I grew up in Glenbrook Valley near Hobby Airport and went to Milby High School. I remember when dining out in Houston meant a Sunday lunch at Weldon's Cafeteria, and an evening out meant steak, salad and potato, or once in a while, the big splurge at Kaphan's Seafood or The San Jacinto Inn. 

In the 80's the Houston food scene started getting REALLY interesting. With immigrants arriving from Mexico and Central America and Asia, ethnic restaurants exploded here. I've often joked that if one waits long enough, every kind of food will make its way to Houston. I even know a place that makes the giant tamal of the Totonac region of Mexico (zacahuil). And now, we even have several Uyghur restaurants. And a lifetime's worth of exploration of the Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants along Bellaire Boulevard for anyone up to the challenge!

Now, my expertise is probably Mexican, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern (including Turkey and Iran, though). Will is a professional chef who brings a chef's knowledge and sensibility. Between the two of us, we KNOW where the great places are to eat. Barbecue,  Indian, Iranian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean...we have it covered!

Here are a few photos from some recent tours that Will organized. Traveling around Houston with Will is so much fun. We hope you will join Will for his next tour!

May 2018 - A great outing with terrific food

And, the food!

August 26, 2018. John Nechman and Will Springfield lead a very special tour of the East End where John grew up. And finish with visits with chefs Chris Shepherd and also Kaiser Lashkari at their respective restaurants.

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