May 31, 2022

Mexico - Regional Dishes - A Greg Buchold Adventure

Aguascalientes (Tablelands)
48 Green enchiladas
212 Pickled chiles and vegetables

Zacatecas (Tablelands)
138 Cabrito chile ancho

Queretero (Tablelands)
154 Seasoned veal

Guanajuato (Tablelands)
242 Caramel crepes

80 Vegetable soup with radish sauce
89 Mole de olla
114 Turkey mole poblano
118 Oregano chicken
131 Rags of mestiza eggs
136 Pork loin with tomato sauce and green pepper
148 Tinga poblana
150 Pork stuffed with chiles, chipotles, and prunes
214 Chile en nogada
216 Chiles rellenos de queso
216 Chiles anchos rellenos
236 Torrejas (fried bread)
237 Candied sweet potatoes
238 Orange polvorones
246 Royal eggs
246 Prune nougat

48 Enchiladas rojas
53 Champurado
55 Agua de horchata
84 Lentils with fruit
90 Arroz negro
96 Mole crepes
112 Chicken mountain herbs
117 Chicken mole pipian
123 Manchamanteles
124 eggs Oaxaquenos
126 Festive Chicken
131 Tomatillo eggs
132 Picadillo
134 Pork leg adobo
137 Albondigas
141 Beef stew
144 Yellow amarillo mole
144 Mole colaradito
174 Crab and cactus paddle cocktail
178 Dried shrimp potatoes
200 Salsa endablada
210 zucchini and corn
210 zucchini and cauliflower fried in batter
230 Mamey or peach cake
236 Almond cake
236 Egg bread

Morelos (Central)
91 Green rice with poblano strips
206 chayote salad
210 potato patties

Tlaxcala (Central)
79 Squash blossom soup
87 Tamale pie
123 eggs and poblanos in cazuelitas

Hidalgo (Central)
79 Pecan soup with chipotle
142 Barbacoa
240 Almond gelatin

Estado de Mexico (Central)
41 Enfrijoladas
44 tostadas ceviche
86 black bean soup
128 eggs with chorizo
208 chard potatoes chorizo
210 mushrooms epazote

Districto Federal/CDMX (Central)
51 Chicken tamales verde
74 cilantro soup
75 huitlacoche soup
80 oyster chipotle soup
83 Tlalpeno soup
84 chard soup
87 chile poblano almond soup
91 Aztec casserole
93 chorizo fideos
95 zucchini pudding
96 huitlacoche crepes poblano
114 chicken peanut sauce
122 pistachio mole
124 chicken parsley sauce
139 steak and onions
146 pot roast with bacon
149 ground meat casserole
150 ropa vieja
174 lobster salad with guava
186 dried cod Mexican style
203 ancho chile salad with cheese
204 Rosaura salad
205 cactus and jicama salad
207 escabeche vegetables
214 chile strips in cream
216 chile rellenos picadillo
240 coffee gelatin
244 tequila mousse

Guerero (Western)
40 masa sopes
50 tamales in banana leaves
54 fruit punch
55 agua jamaica
56 jicama with pineapple
70 chilatole soup
76 zucchini soup
88 posole
93 rice costeno
109 butterfly quail
119 duck breasts plum sauce
124 chicken chipotle
142 filet adobado
168 marinated fish strips
170 fish filets baked in foil, tomatoes, cilantro, red onions
172 red snapper parsley cream
173 grilled red snapper
175 cold red snapper
180 garlic shrimp
181 shrimp escabeche
182 fish almondrado
198 chile costena
201 guajillo chile sauce
205 spinach salad with jamaica dressing
208 new potatoes with garlic
213 chiles rellenos stuffed with tuna
229 tres leches
243 meringue with mango and soft custard
249 ice cream cake with caramel sauce

Restaurants Recommendations - Great Places to Eat In Houston and Elsewhere ( A Work in Progress )

I follow several Houston food groups on Facebook. One of my absolute favorite groups to belong to is the one moderated by Houston treasure and consummate foodie, Cleverley Stone (see links to your right).

I've noticed that one some, the same questions about "where to eat" come up every couple of months. And many of the same recommendations from people for their favorite places.

So I thought, "why not start just capturing the recs here?".

So this page will be a work in progress. I am going to be a little lazy and just list the names. Most of us are internet literate enough to know how to do a web search or a Yelp/Zomato search to find more information on a place that interests us. Feel free to add comments in the comments section below.

Gaido's Seafood
Olympia Grill
Shrimp and Stuff
Benno's Restaurant
Little Daddy's Gumbo Bar
BLVD Seafood
Black Pearl Oyster Bar
Miller's Seawall Grill
Fish Tales

League City:
El Dorado #2 Mexican Restaurant
El Indio Mexican Restaurant

Les Noo'dle (Montrose)
Cafe TH (Downtown)
Saigon Cafe (Downtown)
Pho Hoang
Pho Binh
Pho Dien
Pho Saigon (Midtown)
Pho Thanh Long
Pho Danh
Local Pho (Sawyer Heights)

Healthy Options:
Local Foods
Ruggles Green or Black
Bella Green
True Foods
Sud Italia

1836 Steakhouse
Mr. Hamburger
City Hall Cafe and Pie Bar
Carbonero Rotisserie

Bourbon and Whiskey Bars:
Reserve 101
Bosscat Kitchen
Poison Girl
8 Row Flint
Federal American Grill

Mala Sichuan Bistro
Chef Liu Houston
Chengdu Taste
Pepper Twins
Cooking Girl
Chuan's Chinese
Sichuan Noodles
One Dragon

Dim Sum:
Fung's Kitchen
Golden Dim Sum
HK Dim Sum
Ocean Palace Restaurant

MascalzoneChargrilled Pork Spring Rolls:
Vietnam Coast
Bo Luc Lac

Sabai Thai Cafe

El Tiempo Cantina
Los Tios
Goode Company Taqueria
Yucatan Taco Stand
Cyclone Anaya
Alma Latina
La Finca Mexican Restaurant
El Dorado #1 and #2

Mediterranean / Middle Eastern:
Abdallah's Lebanese Bakery and Restaurant
Al Aseel
Aladdine (Montrose)
Al's Quick Stop (Montrose)
Cafe Lili
Ekko's Greek American Deli
Ephesus (Katy)
Mezza Grille

Egyptian Style Pizza (Feteerah, or, King Tut Pizza):
Dandanah Cafe

Butcher Shops:
B&W Meat Market (North Shepherd)

Southern and Comfort Food:
Barbecue Inn
Cleburne Cafeteria
Dot Coffee Shop
Frank's Americana
Gus's Fried Chicken
Kelley's Country Cooking
Kitchen 713
Sweetie Pies

El Canton (Guadalajara style pizza)
Pi Pizza

Bread From Other Countries:
Simit and Poacha (Turkish breads - Westheimer)
Droubi's (various locations)
Phoenicia (Westheimer and Downtown)
Artisana Bread (Pinemont)
Alvand Bakery (Iranian breads - Westheimer)

Mexico Style Regional Mexican Food:
Los Morales

Coffee Outside the Loop:
Barbazzar (Clear Lake / Webster)
Pearland Coffee (Pearland)
Blockhouse (Richmond)
Momentum Coffee (Spring)
Barbarossa Coffee (Louetta Road)
Tout Suite (Memorial City location)
1000 Hills Coffee (Barker-Cypress Road)
Blendin Coffee Club (Sugarland)
Holy Roast (Rosenberg)