June 6, 2023

Tepatitlan Bakery on Spencer Highway - The Second Best Bakery in the greater Houston area

 When you are over Pasadena way, on Spencer Highway, perhaps checking out a local Michoacana for a paleta, or shopping at Mi Tienda, also plan to buy some baked goods at Tepatitlan.  Many Mexican pastries can be very dry, and they are typically (example: conchas) dipped into your morning coffee or chocolate. But over the years, the inventive bakers in Mexico have come up with some very interesting and creative pastries. Like pasta in Italy that comes in different shapes, each with its associated name, Mexican baked goods come in many shapes and types, each with its own name.

What I love about Tepatitlan is that they offer an extensive range of traditional baked goods. And for some reason, everything just seems a little bit fresher and tastier here. 

Tepatitlan Bakery. It is a place that was introduced to me by friend Robert Martinez, and if I’m ever in this area, I have to make a stop because everything is fresh and delicious. And there’s an incredible variety to choose from. It is like being in Mexico.

Mi Tienda - Licuados and Aguas Frescas

 The HEB chain of grocery stores includes the wonderful Central Market store on Westheimer, and also, two locations of their hispanic themed Mi Tienda stores. My favorite is the original on Spencer Highway but I also love the one off of 59. 

This is where you will find nixtamal made fresh from slaked dent corn, on premises. Freshly made torillas that are not made from Maseca.

And a great place to sample different licuados and aguas frescas.