June 27, 2024

Dry Mouth Issues - Things That Work

 Dry mouth sufferers. Night time. 

For many years, well, 2016, when I was treated with radiation therapy for tonsil cancer , I’ve had to deal with dry mouth.  I had worked out a ritual that worked at night so that I wasn’t awakened by a dry burning mouth. Water by the bed, Xylimelt  tablets on the gum line, Oral B dry mouth mouthwash. But I’m excited to reveal a recent discovery that works beautifully for me. 

You see, it turns that for me much of my dry mouth issue has to do with my lips parting or my mouth opening while I sleep . These x shaped adhesive strips that keep my lips together have worked beautifully. They really work. 

I saw them on Amazon and gave them a try. And now 7 years later from my treatment I do produce a little saliva at night. So if you suffer from dry mouth you’ve gotta try these. 

In the daytime I use Biotene gel or chew Mentos brand sugar free gum . Both are excellent.

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