January 1, 2021

Coffee Roasters in Houston

 (Not a complete list...there are many more):

Amaya Coffee (Catalina Coffee on Washington Avenue)

Azucar Loca (darker roasts) - Heights

Blendin Coffee Club - 8410 Highway 90A, Sugarland

Boomtown Coffee (19th Street in the Heights)

Cavo Coffee - 2617 Bissonnet

Fontana Coffee

Geva Coffee

Greenway Coffee

Java Pura Coffee - 5250 Gulfton

Katz Coffee

Little Dreamer Coffee

Lola Savannah Coffee

Luce Coffee - 3995 Richmond and new location on Ella Blvd at 34th

Pearland Coffee Roasters - 4106 Broadway, Pearland

Purefi Coffee - 27359 West Hardy Road, Spring

Red Light Coffee - 2728 Market, Galveston

Southside Espresso - 904 Westheimer

Tenfold Coffee - Heights

Vertere Coffee - 22289 Ford Road, Porter

Xela Coffee - 4409 Canal

Zelie Coffee - 937 Eldridge, Sugarland

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