November 10, 2022

Noodle Master - Hand Pulled Noodles - Pasadena

 I follow several TV shows to get some ideas on where to eat around the state. Recently, on Texas Eats, a Chinese restaurant in Pasadena (of all places!) was mentioned. Where they hand pull noodles. I knew that I had to go as soon as possible.

(Go online to seek out videos of them hand pulling the noodles): 

Noodle Master lived up to my expectations. My beef noodle soup was very good. And they also feature a pork broth based tonkotsu noodle soup. 

It was crowded the day that I went. And I saw lots of non noodle stuff coming out of the kitchen, enough to evaluate that this place knows what it is doing. Even the "General Joe Chicken" looked great. Evidence of clean cooking oil and a kitchen that knows what it is doing. And check out the pan fried dumplings in the photo below.

Of course, the hand pulled noodles are the star here, as even in the greater Houston area (and Bellaire Blvd), I can't think of places that do this. 

A big thumbs up for Noodle Master.

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