July 16, 2021

Heights - Houston Heights Foodies "Recommend"

 I live just east of the official Houston Heights in the Woodland Heights. Incredible growth in our neighborhood due to proximity to downtown. 

The Houston Heights Foodies is a Facebook group that I belong to, and, over the past few months I have been collecting recommendations for places to eat in the Greater Heights area from that site. (as you can probably guess, the same queries come up all the time, which has been great for providing me with this baseline of recommendations). Note: I haven't provided addresses at this time as many of these places show up in several categories and are easily searched for / located  via your favorite search engine.

Best Places To Take Out Of Towners To Introduce Them To Houston 

Barbecue Inn (For fried chicken and for fried shrimp)

Bayou City Seafood

Blood Brothers Barbecue


Caracol Mexican Restaurant

Cielito Cafe Mexican Restaurant

Christie's Seafood

Crawfish and Noodles (Vietnamese cuisine and spicy crawfish)



Himalaya Indo-Pak 

Hugo's Mexican Restaurant


Kata Robata Japanese

La Sicilia Italian Bakery

Nancy's Hustle

Pico's Mexican Restaurant

Shun Japanese


Tampico Seafood

Tiger Den

Truth Barbecue

Viola and Agnes (Clear Lake NASA Road 1)

Xochi Mexican Restaurant

Tex Mex (Note: I have removed recommendations from the group that weren't really "Tex Mex". Someone even posted Laurenzo's lol)

Alma Latina on Shepherd



Don Teo's on 34th (technically Garden Oaks not Heights)

El Tiempo on Washington

La Carreta

Laredo's Taqueria on Washington

Mi Sombrero on 34th (technically Garden Oaks not Heights)

Puebla's Mexican Kitchen

Spanish Flowers

Studewood Grill (aka Studewood Cantine)

Superica / La Lucha

Taqueria Arandas on Shepherd


Tony's on Ella


Burger Joint

Hubcap Grill on 19th



Cavatore's on Ella


Pho and Vietnamese

Local Pho on Sawyer

Pho (Vietnamese)

Pho Ben on Shepherd

Pho Binh on White Oak

Nam Eatery and Vietnamese Cafe




Comfort Food

Cookshack on Washington

Gus's Fried Chicken on Washington

Just Mac

Max's Wine Dive on Washington


Urban Eats

"Fun" Places and/or Parties

Bungalow Heights

FM Kitchen

Heights Bier Garden


King's Bierhaus

Onion Creek


8 Row Flint

"Best Of"

Comfort Food



Preslee's on 20th

French Fries

Barnaby's on White Oak

Harold's on 19th

Maison Pucha


Samurai on I-10 at Dunlavy

Shokku Ramen on Studewood


Brother's Pizza in Garden Oaks on Shepherd

Buffalo Bayou Brewery

Cane Rosso



La Fresca

Luna on Yale


Mellow Mushroom


Pizaro's in Montrose


July 4, 2021

Fried Chicken - Houston

Fried Chicken Houston – May 2021 – Houston Foodie Friends Recommendations

#1 Chicken – 4621 Almeda
Al Aseel Grill & Café – 8619 Richmond
Alice Blue – 250 W. 19th Street
Barbecue Inn – 116 W Crosstimbers
BB.Q Chicken Katy – 1519 S. Mason Road
Bonchon Korean Chicken
Breakfast Klub – 3711 Travis
Buffalo Grill – 4080 Bissonnet
Chicken Plus – 6210 N Wayside Drive
Choong Man Chicken – 1927 Gessner
Cleburne Cafeteria – 3606 Bissonnet
Dak & Bop 18th – 1805 W 18th Street
Frenchy’s Chicken – Multiple Locations
Goode Company Armadillo Headquarters -
Grace’s – 3111 Kirby
Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – 1815 Washington Avenue
Himalaya Restaurant – 6652 Southwest Freeway
Hotsome Chicken – 10020 Long Point Road
Jollibee – Multiple Locations
Jupiter Pizza and Waffle (Sugarland) – 16135 City Walk
Krisp Korean Fried Chicken = 9486 Long Point Road
La Lucha – 1801 N. Shepherd Drive
Loch Bar Seafood – 4444 Westheimer
Lucille’s Fried Chicken – 5512 La Branch
Max’s Wine Dive – Multiple Locations
Mico’s Hot Chicken – 1603 N. Durham
Soho Korean Fried Chicken – 9393 Bellaire Boulevard 
State Fare (Sugarland) – 15930 City Walk
Toreore – H-Mart – 1302 Blalock
Zydeco - Downtown Houston (call first as it is only on certain days)

Fried Chicken Houston - Houston Heights Foodies Recommendations
Barbecue Inn
Dak & Bop
La Lucha
Gus’s World Famous
Better Luck Tomorrow
FM Kitchen
Max’s Wine Dive
KP Kitchen

Fried Chicken Houston - May 2021 - Chowdown in Chinatown Recommendations

BB.Q Chicken - 1519 S. Mason Road and 8383 Westheimer 
Choong Man Chicken - 1927 Gessner Road
Dak & Bop - 1805 W. 18th Street
Dream Wings
Fire Wings - 8401 Westheimer
Hoodadak - 
Hotsome Chicken - 10002 Long Point Road
House of Bowls
KRISP - 9486 Long Point Road
Seoulside Wings - 10090 Long Point Road
Soho - 9393 Bellaire Boulevard
Sticky's Chicken - 

Jay's Current Favorite - Cookshack - 4015 Washington Avenue

July 2, 2021

Gumbo - Viola & Agnes NASA Road 1 in Clear Lake

I had some dental work done and for the past two months, it's been off and on just defaulting to soft foods. And I realized that gumbo was the perfect meal to have out. As of July 2021, I've hit about 13 places, and, with recommendations coming in all the time from friends, I can see that this little project is going to be my fun project for 2021.

I was at Art of Coffee in Clear Lake, planning to check out Abe's Cajun Kitchen, but the barista said "Go try Viola & Agnes".

And he was right. The gumbo here was excellent, possibly the best that I've in the greater Houston area. I was surprised by the amount of oil in it. And this "could" be a deal breaker from some people. I was to learn that Chef Aaron (from Lake Charles) renders chicken fat in house and adds a dollop just before serving.

The $7 "cup" is a meal in itself. Their "cup" is like someone else's bowl. I've paid more for less interesting gumbo around town. It was full of chicken, a crab claw, and a boiled egg. That broth. Just delicious. I'm already dreaming about when I can make my next trip out that way.

I also ordered his riff on a classic Jamaican vegetable curry stew. Again, a bargain, as it comes with two sides, and some pretty spectacular cornbread. Just delicious. If someone put a gun to my head for constructive criticism, I might tell Chef Aaron that if he tempers his curry powder in a little oil and onion to take the raw-ness away... but, this is just fine tuning a really good dish. My sides were rice and beans, and, grits with butter. Carbo load.

Since I was eating lighter, I asked others if I could photograph their entrees. Sticky chicken. Chicken and strawberry waffles. Etc. An added bonus. The shelves are stocked with cookbooks and I ended up hanging out for an hour and a half just eating and reading from them. Let the photos begin: