December 1, 2018

Dumplings - Chinese Style at Golden Dumpling House

Currently (January 2020), my favorite place for pot stickers and dumplings. The prices are reasonable and the quality is first rate. I love this place (it's one of those places where I'm already looking forward to the next visit). Prices are VERY reasonable and this is a cash only location.

On a recent trip, I actually went vegetarian and had potstickers that were filled with a delicious chopped cabbage and other Chinese greens.

Also recommended: (get a serving of their peanut sauced Dan Dan noodles for the table to sample)

Note: Golden Dim Sum, also excellent, has a second location in the same strip center. Golden Dumpling House is next to Cheng Du and H-Mart.

Mexican - Birria de Chivo Trudi's - Goat Stew

A group of us love to come here for a terrific shared meal consisting of home-made mole (aka, mole casera) in the Jalisco/Michoacan style, and the specialty dish, birria de chivo, at Birria de Chivo Trudi's. This goat stew is a regional specialty of the state of Jalisco (Guadalajara) and neighboring states have their variation on the recipe also. I'm not goat meat's biggest fan but I LOVE the goat stew here and their mole is excellent also. If you're up for making your own, check out the videos on YouTube. For me though, I'll just drop in here and let Trudi Santibañez cook up a big old bowl for me.

Trudi's is tucked into the back of a building on Hillcroft. 

It's one of those "oh my god, where is Jay sending me now?" kind of places. And the food is wonderful. Some of the nicest people you'll meet in Houston are on the staff. 

Mexican - Doña Chela's on the East Side of Houston

I recently visited my old high school on Broadway (Milby High School) to donate a collection of cookbooks to their new culinary school. Very impressive. The Pappas family had donated money in order for them to build a commercial kitchen on premises.

That side of town has changed a lot from when I was growing up there. I decided to check out Doña Chela's Mexican Restaurant on Broadway. The lunch special, "El Especial" was a great bargain at $6 plus tax and tip. Consisting of a giant tostada, a flauta, a fajita quesadilla and rice, it was an elegant sufficiency as the Brits might say.

I was blown away by the rice. Perfectly cooked. Light. Fluffy. Seasoned perfectly. Possibly the best rice I've sampled recently in Houston.

All in all a very good experience and I plan to go back. One note: although the restaurant itself is spotlessly clean, the tenants in this strip center aren't doing a great job of keeping the parking lot area clean. I would recommend to them that appearance is critical and that they and the other tenants should diligently sweep and clean in front of their locations so that it doesn't look so "bombed out".

I see that they have several locations.

Mexican - Vegetarian - Veego's Mexican Restaurant

A great find on the west side of Houston at Wilcrest and Westheimer. On recent trips to CDMX and Puebla I found myself moving away more and more from the meat heavy taco option and more to the new and excellent vegetarian restaurants there. I'm pleased to advise that the food at Veego's is very good and I recommend it. Especially the huge plate of nachos, supplemented by an agua fresca (25% jamaica and 75% horchata).

The Location:

The Sopa de Fideos (could have been done with a tad less salt)

The Pastor Taco

The nachos plate.

A cute kitten photo just because.

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