December 1, 2018

Mexican - Fiesta Loma Linda Mexican Restaurant

As of June 2018, after 60 plus years, the Fiesta Loma Linda has closed. When the Loma Linda group of restaurants went out of business in the 80's, the couple who owned this restaurant and were friends with the Loma Linda owners, brought in their recipes including the famous Houston style puffy and crispy taco which is a different thing from the thicker, chewier San Antonio style puffy taco one finds at venues such as Henry's Puffy Tacos.

Robb Walsh wrote about the very traditional pecan pralines they made in The Tex-Mex Cookbook.

Currently, Los Tios is the only Houston restaurant that makes these per this tradition. I am hoping to locate the owners and buy their tortilla maker if at all possible.

The Mexican Food Revolution - American History Museum

Here, to remember this wonderful restaurant is a collection of my photographs over the years.

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