December 1, 2018

Pizza - El Canton Pizzeria - Jalisco Style Thin Crust Pizza (NOW CLOSED)

But first, read this article by Mike Riccetti:
Pizza in America - A Brief History

March 2022: I have learned that El Canton on Mason Road has closed. But check out the commentary and links on this page.

In parts of Mexico, a super thin crust pizza has taken over as the local pizza style of choice. I used to joke that "they beat every air bubble out of the dough before it goes into the oven". It's an almost matzoh cracker like pizza crust.

But over time, I have actually come around to this pizza style and now I like it. Or at least, don't freak out when one is served to me in Mexico. The first time that I saw them pounding down the dough with a rolling pin, at a little restaurant on the west coast of Oaxaca, I probably was observed doing a slow motion "Nooooooooooooooooo". And truthfully, the pizza that night wasn't very good. But since then, I have had some terrific pizzas in CDMX, in Puebla and in Oaxaca along this theme and I now "get it".

El Canton does this style of pizza very well.

And about once a month, I crave it so badly that I make the trek out from our home in the Heights (Woodland Heights) to Mason Road for one. My favorite is the Sayulita (see menu). They feature specials throughout the week. The staff is very friendly.

On a recent visit, they brought foccaccia to my table and two house made salad dressings. Feeling adventurous I tried some of the house dressings on the focaccia and loved it ("hey, those are for the salads!"). I even tried my pizza with some and the combo worked, though it will probably get me blacklisted from whatever purist Italian pizza association that might learn of my indiscretion.

Anyway, here are some fun photos from my visit. I do highly recommend El Canton. Just go there knowing that a Jalisco pizza is different from what you may have had elsewhere.

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