December 1, 2018

Mexican - Fiesta Loma Linda (NOW CLOSED) (Crispy and Puffy Tacos) (And Pecan Pralines)

Fiesta Loma Linda
2111 Telephone Road

Our favorite because of the classic, Houston style puffy tacos that they continue to make and make well. Originally a classic diner, the owners friendship with the owners of the now long gone Loma Linda Restaurant by Palms Center, follow the original Loma Linda recipes. And they still make the classic praline on premises. You will get one when your check comes. 

This style of taco shell used to be more available at Houston restaurants. But, to my knowledge, now only Fiesta Loma Linda and Los Tios carry on the tradition. When these two are gone, there won't be anyone carrying on this tradition and it will be lost. 

Hence, I have set out to try to master the recipe myself in order to preserve it for historical purposes.

With journalist and barbecue aficionado, J.C. Reid.

A closer look at the taco shells which I hope to duplicate in my kitchen.

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