December 1, 2018

Korean - Myung Dong Restaurant on Bissonnet - One of the original Korean restaurants in Houston

I realized that I have been coming to Myung Dong for over thirty years. Remembering the early days when the sign outside was only in Korean, when there was an Asian grocery store next door, and when the clientele besides me would all be Korean. My first exposure to the width and breadth of Korean food and, in those days, I would just observe what someone else was eating and ask for that.

Now as time has gone one, there are many more Korean restaurant options. Bellaire Bouelvard,  Long Point, the terrific food court in the Blalock H-Mart, etc. But I still love Myung Dong for its quality.

On a recent visit with my group of friends (our so-called Cavemen Club), we learned that there were new owners. If anything, Myung Dong has gotten better. Our Japanese member, Kinjo, swears by the mackerel, prepared two ways. English is spoken (though on this visit, I had fun trying out my Google Translate app on my worked great!), just in case you need to know. The staff is great. Here follow some recent photos from that visit and a screenshot of the current, updated, user friendly menu. PS: Absolutely consider making their excellent seafood pancake and their pan fried dumplings part of your order.

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