December 1, 2018

Chinese - China House Chaozhou Cuisine - A Michael Shum Discovery

Michael Shum writes about the unique cuisine at China House here in Houston.

"The only Chinese restaurant that I know of in Houston that serves regional Chaozhou 潮州Cuisine.
Popular Chaozhou dishes are Fried Shrimp and Taro Dates (wrapped in Tofu Skin), Clam Pancake Omelettes, Pan-Fried Radish Cake Stir-fried with Chinese Broccoli, and Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken Wings. 
The taste is very bold, which means savory dishes are very salty, and some dishes are sweet.
They have their usual American Chinese menu, and a special Chinese menu that features Chaozhou dishes. An unusual style of Chinese cuisine that we enjoy. I will go back to try their Deep Fried Intestine with Pickled Greens and other more exotic dishes. 

Great service from the owners who have been running this place for over 20 years."

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