December 1, 2018

Cheap Eats Houston - Chili Con Carne Lunch

In this day and age, when the price of a lunch continues to creep up to a tad over the $10 mark, is it still possible to get an economical lunch option in Houston? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. 

For today's cheap eats, we go to Costco on Richmond Avenue. 

Don't scoff. The four dollar chili con carne here is quite good. And it is made with green bell peppers, onions, two kinds of beans, and a very good chili gravy. 

I always top it with yellow mustard and chopped onions. Putting yellow mustard in my chili is a habit that I got into from eating hot dogs at James Coney Island. I realized that adding mustard to the chili dog made for uber tastiness and I just applied the same thinking to straight chili con carne.

$4 plus tax. And for light eaters or calorie counters (me), one order serves two people.

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