December 1, 2018

Peli Deli

The Peli Peli restaurant group has several iterations. A full tilt, upscale restaurant(s), a fast casual option (on I-10, aka The Katy Freeway to us Houstonians) and now a fast lunch deli in downtown Houston in the Esperson building at 808 Travis. There is a lot to respect with what they are doing. To summarize, offering flavorful riffs on South African and American comfort foods. A picture is worth a thousand words so just check out the menu to get a feel for how they've riffed on empanadas, "tacos", et. al. I have been to all of the various Peli Peli's and have never had a bad meal at any of them. They are the places, along with Dish Society, Tampico Seafood, Molina's Mexican Restaurant, Himalaya Indo-Pak Restaurant that I always take out of town visitors, in order to give them a "taste" of the width and breadth of the Houston dining experience.

My buddy, Scott Sandlin, wrote a great review of Peli Deli for the excellent and recommended Houston Food Finders website:

Scott Sandlin's article for Houston Food Finders on Peli Deli

Tom Nguyen - The Peli Peli "Master of Time and Space"

And now, on to the food menu:

Here begin the food photos:

And, the Peli Deli venue:

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