April 30, 2024

Specialty Coffee in Houston - Great Coffee Places in Houston - Many of Which Do Their Own Roasting

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1. Here is the actual link to the map so that you can explore it in greater detail (With new places opening every couple of months, it is really difficult to keep this updated. But I'll try) :

April 4, 2024

Venezuelan Bakery - Katy - Pan Pa Venezuela

 A recent road trip out west saw me in Katy. I recommend a visit. The downtown, old town as it were, has some excellent antique shops. Katy is home to Felix Flores's Cherry Block Butcher's and Market and also to the Midway barbecue restaurant and store (great sausages for sale).

And a little Venezuelan bakery opened about 9 months ago. I found it to be excellent. The focaccia was delicious. And the cream filled pastry was just perfect.

Ice Chests - Bargains at the Igloo Factory Outlet on I-10

 If you are heading out west past Katy on I-10, consider a stop at the Igloo Factory Outlet store, Igloo exit. Very good prices on all levels of ice chests. A fourth of the price of a YETI. And even cheaper than the Buc-Ee's current house brand. These photos were taken to show the current pricing in April of 2024. The last photos are of the the pricing for the Buc-Ee's house brand.