December 1, 2018

Thai - Street Food Thai Market

This location has seen three different ownerships over the past thirty years that I have been patronizing it and the latest owners have remodeled, revamped it beautifully. 

I teach an introductory cooking class in Thai Cooking. It is fantastic to have a Thai/Lao/Cambodia themed grocery store so close by, here in the Heights. My class will prepare some dishes, eat, and then the dishes go into the dishwasher and we head over to shop for the second phase of the class and I have an opportunity to show different ingredients to the class. Come back, dishes washed, ready for phase two.

The kitchen is turning out really great food. More southern Thailand oriented though one can order the spicy raw sausage of the north (Nam) as an appetizer.

These photos are from a recent trip I made with the group of men I meet each week for lunch (our Caveman Club). 

Highly recommended.

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