December 1, 2018

Fried Chicken - Barbecue Inn on Crosstimbers

Fried chicken in Houston. One of the several historically significant places that I always take any out of town visitors to which are representative of the width and breadth of the dining experience in Houston.

I have often said, "Wait long enough and (a particular cuisine or food dish) it will come to Houston."

But for fried chicken...

The Barbecue Inn was established in 1946. Think about that. 71 years in 2017 and now into the third generation of the same family operating it. With waitstaff, some of which have been there over 20 years.

1946. Louis and Nell Skrehot converted a little house on Crosstimbers, building a new storefront and installing the first barbecue pit there. Barbecue, followed by other items over time. As time went on, sons Louis, Jr. and Wayne took over the family business. 

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