January 30, 2023

Cold Weather Hot Pot - Happy Lamb on Westheimer

 (Note: several locations for Happy Lamb in Houston)

Cold Weather Hot Pot.

We sometimes forget how good hot soup can be during the short period of cold Houston days that we have. Many places to choose from. Today, a venture to the Happy Lamb Hot Pot on Westheimer. A bargain at $25 per person. The two of us had three meats, plus all the seafood options, plus the vegetables and noodles. We never got tackle the third meat choice (chicken) because we were so full. And we learned quickly that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. So go gently through that line of seafood. Highly recommended.

Here is a good trick to remember. When you get the glass noodles, don't drop them into the broth right away. Allow the broth to develop its flavor profile after cooking the meat and vegetables fully. Then, use the slotted spoon to remove the "debris", that is, the chillies, and other dry ingredients that came in the broth. If you don't do this, the noodles will get tangled up with the chillies and be difficult to separate.

Today I had the pleasure to take a friend who had never experienced hot pot. She loved it. Hot Pot 101.

An Asian friend of mine once remarked that, growing up, the kids HATED when their parents planned for a hot pot get together as they knew they'd be stuck at a restaurant with the grown-ups for HOURS lol.

Here are some photos. The last two are from the Happy Lamb website.

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