January 9, 2023

Oxtail Yakamein at 1929 Po-Boy in the Lyric Market

I only recently learned about yakamein. It came out of the interaction of New Orleans Creole and Chinese cultures with a dash of Cajun thrown in. Noodles, topped by a braised and seasoned oxtail, soy sauce forward, veggies and an egg. That oxtail. Not your "where's the meat at?" grocery store oxtail. These are cut larger and very meaty. 

The very excellent 1929 Po-Boy at Lyric Market at 411 Smith Street. Free parking in the Iconic Lyric Garage for up to 2 hours with your receipt. Chefs Monica and Garland are knocking it out of the ballpark imho. Every time I come here for lunch, I leave with a big smile on my face.

Everything that I have had here has tasted great. High points? The yakamein, the barbecue shrimp, the gumbo, and the po-boy. Pictures follow:

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