August 31, 2022

The Cuban Flavor Restaurant - A John Nechman Discovery

John Writes: "The Foodie Finder Award of the Day goes to my dear friend of many years, Professor and Navy Veteran BK Silva, who shared with me a Friendswood spot that one of her students told her about--The Cuban Flavor (709 W. Parkwood Ave.). The student is from Miami and told BK that the Cubano here is on par with the best of southern Florida. Having lived in and eaten many of these glorious sandwiches in Miami, I had to try it.

Everything about the Cubano here is spot on--great bread and superb ingredients. Definitely a contender for best in Houston. Making the visit extra-special is the friendly staff, as well as a pungent batido de maracuyá, a crispy croqueta de jamón, and one of those simple dishes that I crave incessantly--boiled yuca topped with mojo. And of course, to end the meal, a perfect café cubano that had me reminiscing of ones I've loved in Miami and La Habana.

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