May 17, 2023

Crawfish Garlic Noodle on Bellaire Blvd

Today, I had one of those fun food experiences, the kind that comes about from doing some food exploring and taking a chance on a new place. As you all know, I’ve been trying a lot of crawfish this season. I’ve visited many places so far this year. This morning I took some notes on recommendations from Chowdown in Chinatown - Houston, and decided to try Crawfish Garlic Noodles at 11550 Bellaire. 

I ordered two pounds of crawfish with the Magic Mix seasoning option and two corn. They were large. And excellent. And something I hadn't tried before. I was brought a little container of orange juice and chile peppers for dipping. And it was very tasty.
The owner, Andrew Tran, came by several times to make sure everything was good. And we even took a selfie together. In the background, one tv had videos of street scenes in Vietnam. On another, videos of wind turbines and a mellow musical soundtrack.
Looking over the menu, I knew that I would be back sooner than later as there are some dishes that I’ve not noticed before at other places.
I’m talking about:
(Andrew Tran seems proudest of his garlic noodle dishes) Crawfish Mì Tòi, Cua Xanh, Bánh Bôt Chiên
(For me, the hot pot options have me most excited since I love a good soup):ox tail hotpot, duck hotpot cooked with rice porridge, lemon chicken hotpot, fish sauce hotpot
And for my wife, who is allergic to shrimp and crawfish, there is a Vietnamese style chicken salad and chicken pho.
Seems just the place for me to put together a group for an outing, to try a bunch of stuff. The hot pots are priced for serving 2-3 people.
And now, I’ll let these pictures that I pulled from his Facebook page do the talking.

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