March 30, 2024

Chef Kenny's Vegan/Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant (and Sushi)

 I've been coming here for years and I love it. You'll notice that the dishes say "beef, chicken, pork" but know that these are no meat, vegan versions for sure. When you walk in there is a request that no meat products be brought in.

The Chinese dishes are really good. As is the special Sushi Boat, chock full of enough goodies to satisfy four guys as an appetizer. On the most recent trip, we did the sushi boat and two entrees, about $29 per person including tax and tip and were totally full. 

Just a great place, even if you aren't vegan and just wanna do a night of veggies. Chef Kenny will help you choose, and, make the evening just that much better, with his hospitality and friendliness.

Two rice options: white rice or a mix with some red rice thrown into the mix. Which is our default. 

Photos to follow:

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