July 3, 2024

Vogs Coffeeshop - A Turkish Themed Coffeeshop Out Katy Way

Man oh man, is this ever a great place.
Vogs Coffee. Damn fine Basque cheesecake.

A successful purchase of a pour over coffee unit brought me back to Katy today to pick it up at Nellis Auction. 

And I use this as an opportunity to try Vogs Coffee at 10610 Gaston Road. 

Turkish, pour over, espresso, Basque cheesecake. Coffee suppliers Mid Century, and Geva, both excellent excellent coffee roasters.

The Turkish coffee is made with an OKKA coffee maker. A water container is filled. The finely powdered coffee goes into a special chamber along with sugar to taste. And the machine makes a classic Turkish coffee.

Highly recommended.

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