January 25, 2023

Fat Boy Pizza - From New Orleans, Now Houston - A John Nechman Discovery

John writes:

" A New Orleans-based pizza chain named after my own heart (or body), Fat Boy’s Pizza, just opened its first of what are expected to be many Texas outposts way out in Richmond (10445 W. Grand Parkway S.). We joined the throngs of (mostly) fat H-Towners scarfing down what are claimed to be the world’s biggest slices.
First things first: we’ve been to and love a San Antonio place called Big Lou’s that serves a 42” monster that dwarfs Fat Boy’s largest pie, a measly 30”. However, Fat Boy’s, whose motto is “Size Matters,” goes one further with the dreaded “2 Foot Challenge.” Eat a 2 foot slice in 7 minutes or less and receive a FB T-shirt and $20 gift card. Lipitor injections are not included, and if you manage to beat Joey Chestnut’s record of 39 seconds, you win $10K. Those who dare are regally introduced to the rest of the diners, a timer begins (with staff exuberantly shouting out how many minutes/seconds remain), and on cue booms a relentless, pounding onslaught of high-decibel rock--think every ACDC anthem you’ve ever heard, with Europe’s “The Final Countdown” filling the final minute, and Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” for the epilogue. It’s actually kind of fun, and no one we saw came close to winning a coveted t-shirt/gift certificate, much less challenging Chestnut’s record.
We fought off the urges for fame and went instead with a plenty big 16” Fat Boy Supreme, featuring all that you’d usually find on a supreme pizza. It was excellent. A pizza sort of on the level of a Fuddrucker’s burger; i.e., a chain that serves a surprisingly delightful product that may not be the best, but it’s so good that better versions are sensational. The toppings are superb though the crust is a little on the dry side. We added some decent honey garlic wings to the order as well.
Also impressive are frozen daiquiris and a full bar. But bring plenty of $$$—this place is pricey! Our pizza was $27.00, and 6 tiny wings were $10.99. Throw on a couple daiquiris, and you’re well north of $50.00, even before a tip for the hard-working staff. "

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