January 29, 2023

Mexican Breakfast - Cucharita

Could this be the best chicken and vegetable soup in Houston? And the best mole tamal in Houston?
I’m beginning to think so. Yep. They are imho.
I had an opportunity today to pop in to the new Cucharita, on Fairview, for breakfast for the first time and because I am not big on eggs I defaulted to the caldo/soup and a mole tamal. Both were so good and I am already dreaming about coming back again for another tasting. The tamal was the bigger, CDMX style that I love. The “ambiente” here, is wonderful.
And it really did remind me of hanging out at a place in the Roma neighborhood of CDMX.
They have an extensive surtido/selection of breakfast breads, and pastries. You can skip the coffee in my opinion, because it is roasted dark (unless that is your thing).
But the soup and the tamal…Oh my.
I left with a big smile on my face.
A tip of the hat to Ana Beaven for a job well done.
If you go, please report back on the other breakfast offerings.

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