January 1, 2020

Mexican Candy - Leche Quemada

By combining milk and and sugar in a pot over low heat, with continuous stirring, to evaporate the liquid, a dense sweet candy is formed. I discovered the candies made in Kingsville by the Moreno family many years ago. They add lecithin which gives theirs a creamy texture that is terrific. Keep your eye out for them at the cash register on your next visit to your favorite Tex Mex. 

These photos are from Lila's Mexican Restaurant in Pearland, Texas. I had asked two Pearland police officers if they had any favorite hole in the walls for Tex Mex and they directed me to Lila's, which has been there for many years.

Back in the day, one of these candies, or a Mexican pecan praline would show up with the check, In Austin, one had the option of pineapple or orange sherbet or a candy, included with the dinner.

If you have any candy stories from your youth, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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