January 1, 2020

Mexican - Birria de Chivo Trudi's - Goat Stew

A group of us love to come here for a terrific shared meal consisting of home-made mole (aka, mole casera) in the Jalisco/Michoacan style, and the specialty dish, birria de chivo, at Birria de Chivo Trudi's. This goat stew is a regional specialty of the state of Jalisco (Guadalajara) and neighboring states have their variation on the recipe also. I'm not goat meat's biggest fan but I LOVE the goat stew here and their mole is excellent also. If you're up for making your own, check out the videos on YouTube. For me though, I'll just drop in here and let Trudi Santibañez cook up a big old bowl for me.

Trudi's is tucked into the back of a building on Hillcroft. 

It's one of those "oh my god, where is Jay sending me now?" kind of places. And the food is wonderful. Some of the nicest people you'll meet in Houston are on the staff. 

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