January 1, 2021

Chicken Fried Steak - Recommendations

A request went out recently for chicken fried steak recommendations in Houston (and the greater Houston area) and here were the responses:

Barbecue Inn (on Crosstimbers)

Barking Pig

Carriage House

Hay Merchant

Hickory Hollow (now only on Fallbrook; though, I've had really tough and gristle laden steaks there at times)

Hughies (in the Heights)

Jay's Cafe (in Needville; a personal favorite of mine)

Jax Bar and Grill (on Shepherd)

Killen's (the new one on Heights Blvd.)

La Lucha (in the Heights)

Lola (in the Heights)Mel's Country Cafe (up in Tomball)

Mia's Table (got a lot of recommendations)

Ouisie's Table

Preslee's Southern Cooking (in the Heights)

Puffabelly's (in Old Town Spring)

Rainbow Lodge (on Sunday nights)

The Branch (in Spring Branch)

For me, one of my favorite places for chicken fried steak is in Moulton, Texas, at Kloesel's Steakhouse. I've never experienced a steak there with the gristle or tough bits that one is prone to find in a steak at other places. It's always been terrific. And, coming with a soup, salad, and side, it is a bargain. Here are some photos.

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