July 31, 2022

The JiuFu Cafe on Bellaire - A Michael Shum Discovery

 Michael and I decided to try a new place at 9968 Bellaire Blvd. I’m certain that this restaurant will be on everyone’s Top 25 list.

It was wonderful. Specializing in congees and braised meats (aka marinated meats on the menu), we started with these absolutely delicious squarish crispy spring rolls, followed by one of the best hot and sour soups I have had in Houston and finishing with braised half portion duck.

Doc Ricky says it’s a great opportunity to sample pig trotters if one is feeling adventurous. Having only recently discovered smoked ham hocks, I’m all in to give them a try at least once.

I find that I return on a monthly basis to pick up the large serving of hot and sour soup.

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