July 31, 2022

Iraq- An Iraqi Bakery in Houston (On Westheimer Near Fondren)

 After dining at the spectacular Sasaki Japanese Restaurant on Westheimer near Fondren, we decided to walk the short distance to the next little strip center to check out the Dijlah Grocery and Grill and its Dijlah Bakery. We were enthralled, watching them make and bake delicious breads, which we were to see being used as the base for a falafel sandwich with all the fixings, a meal for two, at the Dijlal Bakery next door. So, the grill had the ovens and the store with Middle Eastern goods and the bakery had sandwiches, lamb, lamaçun, etc. And the cool thing was that there wasn't a menu. The customers knew what to ask for. For us, we'd just chat with the staff or observe what others were eating when we come back to sample the food. On this day, I picked up some of the bread, some Turkish Delight and some other groceries. We'll be back soon!

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