July 31, 2022

Buzz 'n Bites Coffee (Burgers) on Blalock in Spring Branch - A John Nechman Discovery

John Nechman Writes: Our friend Jay P. Francis posted a pic today of a burger so miserable and meager that he'd received at Shake Shack that I could hear Clara Peller bellowing from Cyber Heaven, "Where's the EFFING BEEF!?!?"  

(Note from Jay: Man, I pass by this place every time I head up to the spectacular Cambrian Coffee on Hammerly at Blalock. I thought it was a coffee place, thus, I would have felt like a traitor to Cambrian to stop for a coffee there lol)

(Note from Jay: Here is that sad looking lukewarm Shake Shack burger with the sad, lukewarm, frozen french fries):

So for Jay and everyone out there in search of burger heaven, I post what we enjoyed at what has become one of our favorite stops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner-- Buzz n Bites Coffee Shop (1444 Blalock in Spring Branch).
Behold the Breakfast Burger. But better not hold it--use fork and knife lest your shirt take on the appearance of a Jackson Pollock painting. This masterpiece is composed of a buttered, toasted, fresh-baked bun stuffed with a thick, hand-formed patty, plenty of cheese, lettuce/tomato/onion, and an all-important soft-fried egg with a quivering yolk ready to cascade over everything. It is magnificent and comes with a side of fresh-fried tater tots. Richi had the Luau Burger, made with a slab of pineapple. I love pineapple, but never on pizza and rarely on burgers--the one here is one of those exceptions.
I posted before on the scrambled eggs here--the fluffiest, most perfect eggs I've had in Houston, and I think they only serve them on a croissant sandwich. They are expanding their menu, however, and I can't wait to see what's coming next."

Michael Shum writes:
"If we just go to a fraction of the eateries that our dearest friends John and Ricardo recommended, we will be able to fill our schedule for many years. When I saw John mention a place twice, that's all the signal we need to rush to Buzz N Bites for brunch with Baby this weekend.

The vibe is just right when arrive, both the customers and staffs are friendly. Baby meets a new girlfriend, a small poodle named Sophie, but he is playing hard-to-get when Sophie tries to initiate play with him. The diversity of the people at this place brings a smile to my face. We made friends with a family seated next to us on the patio who is from Oaxaca and El Salvador.

John's recommendation of The Classic Croissant is spot on, made with simple ingredients of Scrambled Eggs, Tomato, and Swiss Cheese. He was not exaggerating about the fluffiness of the Scrambled Eggs, with melted Swiss Cheese folded inside, it's like biting into a pillowy cloud of savory egginess. 

Being the Burger sluts that we are, we had to try their new burger menu. The staff recommends The Hive, as the closest to a traditional Cheeseburger which I prefer, consists of Avocado, Arugula, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, homemade Butter, Dijonnaise, on a Brioche Bun. The Beef Patty is ordinary but nicely seasoned, cooked medium-well. I find Arugula is a good balance to the sweetness of other ingredients. The Tater-tots that accompany are as crispy as they can get and still maintain moisture inside. A totally formidable burger that satisfies our craving.

The Iced Buzz Lavander Latte, made less sweet, is strong enough as an Espresso beverage with a hint of Lavander. We're so content with our meal, and Baby is happy to meet new friends, some called him "thick". With satisfying food and beverages, a nice patio for pets, and a generally good vibe, we can see this place easily included in our regular rotation. I feel the place might be Asian-own too, which gives me more reason to support them.

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