July 31, 2022

Asia Night Market on Clarewood - A Michael Shum Discovery

Michael writes:  “ What do you get when you combine the culinary creativity of experienced Chefs and the passion for serving high-quality Ramen? I'm glad to report that you will get the reopening of Night Market, the newest project by Mike Tran, the low-profile restauranteur who has brought us, Mein, Ishin Udon, Ohn, Toukei, Blkdog Coffee. 

When I saw Mike Tran posted a picture of a new bowl of Ramen on Facebook, I get myself to his restaurant as soon as I could. Even being the busy frontman who runs all his different restaurants, Mike was gracious enough to introduce the new place to me. Knowing that I'm such a gourmand, he suggested something different that I don't usually try, the Curry Tonkotsu. 

I know very little about cooking, I just enjoy eating good food. When the hot bowl of Ramen was put in front of me, the aroma from the broth instantly filled the air. I took a bite of the noodle and I'm content immediately. The firmness and texture of the noodle are perfect, simple and basic criteria, but I'm surprised that many noodle places overlook or execute their noodle poorly.

The broth is rich with the Tonkotsu Pork Bone base, the magic is the right amount of different spices that use to create the complete flavor profiles. The rich spicy broth definitely has a kick to it, but it's also well-balanced, nothing too overwhelming or out of place. I enjoy the whole bowl to the last bite because of the ideal al-dente firmness of the noodle and the richness of the broth. My body stays comfortably warm and invigorated by the heat elements of this Curry Tonkotsu, especially in today's chilly weather.

Thank you, Mike, for sending out a Gyoza appetizer, that's very generous of him. It's a delightful tasty appetizer that goes so well with the Ramen. I'm excited to learn that the menu will continue to expand slowly, for example, the Korean ChamPong should be introduced very shortly. It's wonderful to have eaten today's special Curry Tonkotsu Ramen, I'm looking forward to trying the traditional Shoyu Ramen, which is my usual favorite. There is another new option available for those who frequent the variety of offerings by the Mike Tran culinary group.

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