July 31, 2022

Vietwich Banh Mi - A John Nechman Discovery


John Writes: "I was in the Missouri City area tracking down a new place to eat (go figure), when I saw a FB message from one of my favorite people in the world, raving about a bánh mì spot in Stafford called Vietwich. She described it as the best she has ever had and so good that they regularly run out. Pretty much all I needed to read to make the detour to Stafford.

Vietwich (https://vietwich.co/menu) is on the corner of a small strip shopping center at 203 Dulles near 90, and the menu features several sandwich versions that can be customized to your liking. I ordered a couple of "Mom's egg rolls," a cà phê xưa da, and a meatball (xiu mai) bánh mì with added homemade kimchi and pâté and a soft-fried egg.
In the case of my lunch today, this comes as much from the tastebuds as from the heart:
"This is among the very best bánh mì in Houston, made with obvious care that you taste in every bite--the sweet little chunks of onion and jicama that permate the xiu mai. The delicate, still-crisp slivers of carrot, cukes, and daikon that adorn the meats. The bread that is perfectly crispy on the outside and pillowy soft within. The homemade, almost buttery mayo. The added zest of lemongrass. Everything comes together perfectly in this sandwich, and I can't wait to return to try more."
The owner, Viet, started hawking sandwiches out of a gas station (there are pictures on the wall of the original Vietwich), and the place became so popular that he opened this stand-alone store. Try one of these beauts, and you're going to be like me, praying that he can duplicate these sandwiches all around this mighty metropolis of ours.
They really are that good."

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