July 31, 2022

Vietnamese - Pho Ve Dem - A Michael Shum Discovery

Michael Shum says: " This used to be my top favorite Pho spot, but I haden’t been back for a while because the quality was not consistent. Now that it was revisited with father-in-law, I got a chance to find out the current status. When I took my first spoon of the broth, I was instantly impressed, because the clear beef broth was complex, and had wonderful, strong herbal accents. It was packed with layers of flavors that kept coming through. The fatty oil that I asked for also enhanced the richness of the broth. Beef could have been better but it was not bad at all. I loved the nroth, and it’s still the type of heavy herbal aroma broth I prefer. 

"Don’t forget to get their durian ice cream for dessert. It’s fantastic!"

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