July 31, 2022

Vida Mariscos Seafood - Way Outside the Loop in Katy

When Will first told me about this favorite of his, I knew I had to make the "road trip" out to Katy to try it. I's just off I-10 at the 99 Loop. 

Amazing. It's like being on the beach in Veracruz. An open air, seafood place, and just rocking with happy clientele. The drinks and entrees blew me away, not to sound like a PR guy for the place. On this day, the ceviche (Will says that they have more different kinds than any other place he's come across here) was terrific, and I'm a person who shies away from uncooked fish. He had a Michelada with shrimp and Serena had this cocktail with blackberries and stuff (check out the photo). 

We had grilled octopus (and I highly recommend it); Serena and I had fish soups, can't remember what Will had...but, I took a bunch of photos of the big parilladas being served elsewhere and also the made to order guacamole.

Highly recommended.

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