July 31, 2022

La Reyna Michoacana- Paletas and Ice Cream

 Excellent. My favorite paletería of the many I’ve sampled in the past several months. For texture and variety of flavors. Tidwell at I-45.

John Nechman writes:  “. At the top of Jay P. Francis's list of paleterias in Houston is La Reyna Michoacana (5506 I-45 North at Tidwell).  So of course, I had to make a visit with La Reyna Colombiana. We enjoyed this festive spot, and the selection is incredible. Brush up on your flavors--nothing is labeled. They have some unique ones:  arrayan, hierbabuena, and leche quemada (a favorite of Richi).  I went with the nance, which looks like a yellow cherry but has a wonderful tropical flavor (I've seen a translation of "hogberry"). I could be happy comin here and not even asking and just selecting a different flavor (they have at least 100!) every time.

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