July 31, 2022

Hermann Park, the Museum District and Lucille's Restaurant - A John Nechman Discovery

 Like John and Ricardo, I am a fan of Lucille's. As well as dining there, I've learned through our caring for an elderly friend that they do so much for the community, example being meals delivery to assisted living homes for the less fortunate. Here follows John's review of their recent explore of the Hermann Park, so called Museum District area of Houston.

“What a gorgeous crisp fall January day in Houston, with our deciduous trees just beginning to show fiery colors before the arrival of 2 grueling weeks of February winter, leading us to about a month--give or take--of spring, followed by 9 months of brutal summer.

"We spent this day with a walk through Hermann Park over to one of our favorite places to eat, Lucille's (5512 La Branch), where I've been dying to try their brunch only chicken fried steak, which has always sold out on past visits. We arrived at 10 am today to make sure we'd get some, and it was excellent, but no match for a new masterpiece from Chef Chris Williams--oxtail tamales with 2 sunny side up eggs. A starter of truffled brussels sprouts topped with a soft poached egg is one of the few brussels sprouts dishes I've really enjoyed in Houston. Our wonderful server Gabbi took such great care of us that we wanted to stay for the always awesome band in the backyard patio, but then I noticed on Facebook that one of our favorite wine bars was serving raclette at 1 pm, and we knew where we were headed.
We walked up to Montrose, stopping for coffee and a cannoli at the MFAH's Cafe Leonelli, and wandered through University of St Thomas up to Montrose Cheese & Wine (1618 Westheimer) a place that we love. 20 minutes before raclette service, almost all the outdoor tables were occupied, and we were lucky to get 2 of the last seats. By the start of service, about 30 people were on the wait list. Either we have a larger Swiss immigrant population than I realized, or Houstonians just love their gooey melted cheese...I think the latter.
The raclette here is excellent, served over roasted new potatoes, slices of fresh baguette, and gherkins. We paired ours with an amazing brisk Douloufakis "Dafnios" Vidiano from Crete. The best raclette service we've seen in Houston is at a Swiss restaurant where we dined with our friend Pablo Valqui in Cypress called Edelweiss, but for Inner Loop Houston, this is a pretty spectacular way to spend a magical afternoon like today."

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