December 1, 2018

Coffee - Fort Bend Coffee Roasters

I highly recommend Fort Bend Coffee Roasters. Bryan and Amy Hibbard. Bryan roasts to the coffee profiles that produce sweet, balanced flavors.

On the west side of Houston and, after some crazy mis-direction from my Waze, I determined that the best way to describe the location is to say Mason Road at Highway 99.

Their Website

Excellent roasting. Excellent coffee shop. Photos follow.

Now, I'm a purist. I drink my coffee black. Single pour-overs via Hario V60, Kalita, Chemex, are my thing. But I realize that most people prefer their coffee with milk and sugar (thus, the popularity of cafe latte, cappuccino, flat white). Fort Bend has created several specialty beverages for people who want a little more than just coffee. The Shakiso Special pairs a fruitier Ethiopian Shakiso with strawberry in a cappuccino.

And now, for something completely different:

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