December 1, 2018

Las Delicias Mexicanas - Your One Stop Shopping for Mexican Candies

Mexico has evolved its own wonderful and unique candies, some familiar, some not so much. There is a definite Spanish influence coming out of the even older North African traditions (the Moors occupied Spain for centuries). And so one finds many sweets made from cooking down milk with sugar, the abundance of nuts and seeds in sweets, and the candying of fruits such as sweet potatoes, pineapple and pumpkin. Dulce de leche, cajeta, sevillanas, glorias, to name a few. Las Delicias Mexicanas is a Houston treasure. You walk in and are overwhelmed by the choices. Highly recommended. Me? I'm addicted to the Mexican version of gum drops, called gomitas. And I love the pecan chewies called glorias.

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