December 1, 2018

Chinese - Gangnam Style Restaurant - A Michael Shum Discovery

Michael Shum writes:

"I tried out a new restaurant in Chinatown. The location is at the old "Let's Noodle" that has now been sold to this new owner who focuses on JiangNan 江南 cuisine. The reason it's named Gangnam Style Restaurant is because GangNam is JiangNan in Chinese...

A very enthusiastic server recommended us to try an off menu WuXi Spare Ribs, and a regular menu Crispy Spicy Chicken.

I was an immediate fan because I realized the Chef's skills when the food was presented. Each piece of the chicken was lightly and evenly battered. Crispy, yet not dry inside. The numbing spiciness was well balanced, and I loved that they used whole white sesame (a simple touch that enhanced the dish). 

WuXi Spare Ribs were slow cooked and caramelized with that distinct ShaoXing rice wine accent. The meat was tender, delicious, yet had a nice bite to it.

I'm a fan and will definitely go back to try their other dishes. What also sets this restaurants apart is the abundance of fresh ingredients and the clean presentation. 

There are a lot of little nuances about Chinese food that  take too long to write here. Those little details I doubt will be detected by people who didn't grow up eating Chinese food, but I would love to share and discuss with whoever is interested. Just let me know when you would like to go and we'll go sample and enjoy more dishes together!"

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