December 1, 2018

Coffee - Chantal Pour Over Electric Kettle and the Chantal Annual Warehouse Sale

I think that I bought my first Chantal piece of cookware over 30 years ago and am still using it.

Chantal is Houston based and designs, engineers, manufactures a line of superb cookware. In their early days, the focus was on their enameled cookware in a variety of colors. As time has gone on, they have expanded and make excellent multi-layer metal cookware suitable for cooking on all surfaces including induction.

Being a local company, Houstonians are fortunate enough to enjoy their annual Chantal Warehouse Sale in November, where over-runs, obsoleted or seconds of their product line are deeply discounted.

My big find two years ago was the Chantal electric kettle which I have been using daily for these two years.

But this year, I upgraded to their newer version which features a pour spot designed for, and perfect for the type of coffee pour overs that I am doing with my Kalita, Chemex, V60 or Melitta coffee set-ups. It performs flawlessly and I recommend you get one (highly recommended). It is named "Becker", after CEO Heida Thurlow's grandson.

If fortunate enough to live in Houston, here are the particulars for the November sale:

Chantal November Warehouse Sale - Houston, Texas

Here is a link to the Chantal website:

Chantal Website

And here are some photos of the Becker at work!

(With the Chantal coffee pour over dripper...2 tablespoons medium grind to 6 ounces of water)

(With my Kalita set-up... 8 grams medium grind per 100 ml water)

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