December 1, 2018

Eatwell Italian Bakery and Cafe - Italian and Lebanese Restaurant

It’s funny. You think you pretty much know every place in Houston and then you come across something. The owner of Eatwell had the Lebanese restaurant, Sammy’s, a restaurant on Richmond where many of us Houstonians were first introduced to Lebanese cuisine many years ago. His current venue has a commitment to “clean”, made from scratch, foods. Today I sampled some cookies, including one using dates for sweetness instead of sugar. The cookies were excellent. We had a fascinating discussion about the different styles of falafel in Lebanon. I am looking forward to my next visit.

My friend, Luis Chen, wrote the following of his visit : "I was so surprised to discover this establishment. I saw the sign "Eatwell" from distance. I thought this might be a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy what nature could provide. (I had an image of springtime in my head while feeling that 40-degree wind.) 

I was craving for a bowl of hot soup. The owner offered me 3 choices. They all sounded delicious, but I have some restrictions. He said, "You'll like our lentil soup." It came steaming hot, perfectly seasoned, and the beans just melted in my mouth. It also came with some fresh pita chips. Mmm... Mmm... Good.

He came to my table and asked about my dietary preference. He told me he made all-natural yogurt from scratch. I was quite awake once I saw them very reasonably priced. He gave me a sample. I said, "Oh, yeah. I have to say goodbye to the White Mountain yogurt from Austin..."

A collection of photos from Yelp reviewers follows:

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