December 1, 2018

Soho Korean Fried Chicken Houston - A Michael Shum Discovery

My friend, Michael Shum, writes about a Korean restaurant (Korean fried chicken and other Korean entrees) discovery. Just have a look at this delicious food from a recent lunch visit with him:

Michael says: "Had another delightful lunch at Soho Chicken Houston ( Every item in the Katsu Bento is excellent. I’m impressed by the freshnes of all of the ingredients (no refrigerator taste at all) and great execution. The chef came out to give us 3 Bonchon that are so good I hope that they will expand the menu and offer more Korean food menu items in the near future.
The place is run by really nice people whom it gives me great pleasure to support. So far 3 for 3, and I’ll continue to visit them."

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