December 1, 2018

Vietnamese - Nam Giao Vietnamese Restaurant - A Real Houston Treasure - Slightly Under the Radar

One of the men's fitness and health magazines used to have a series called "eat this, not that" and I always thought it would be cool, when reviewing an ethnic restaurant to follow the same tack and recommend a group of dishes that a first time visitor could order with confidence.

A few days ago, my buddy, Will Springfield 
lucked into meeting a person who gave him a list of favorite Vietnamese restaurants and recommendations on their specialties.

Houston Vietnamese Restaurants Map - Some Favorites

Today saw a visit to Nam Giao on Wilcrest. Nam Gio specializes in the regional dishes of central Vietnam. I had been there a few years back and somehow, it fell off my radar even though I absolutely loved everything I had on the menu.

Here is the magic list that Will got:

So today, Will, Gary, Evren and I met up for a lunch. We went with the house specialties, as recommended on this list and by the lovely lady who attended out table. Here follow photos to whet your appetite. 

You will have a great meal here. Just let the staff guide you.

Here is what the table looked like after we four hungry guys finished with it:

And here are some fun shots of our lunch together:

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