December 1, 2018

Tom Faulkner

It was quite a few years back that I first heard Tom perform. It was at one of those Musicians in the Round events, this one at Rockefeller's, sponsored by KPFT. I immediately became a fan boy. And this was sealed with a house concert performance of his a few weeks later in Friendswood. I truly believe that his first album, Lost in the Land of Texico, is one of the finest albums ever produced here in Texas in terms of sound quality, musicality, et. al.

For my other blog, The Fried Chicken Blog, I posted a collection of his performances, some recorded by me, others from the TV or the net.

I hope that you, too, will become a fan and get a copy of his (now two) albums for your collection.

One of his songs ties in perfectly with my Fried Chicken theme and starts out the collection here.

Tom Faulkner

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