December 1, 2018

Chinese - Chef Liu Sichuan - A Michael Shum Discovery

My friend, Michael Shum, has a knack for finding the most wonderful places to eat on Bellaire Boulevard. Here is his review of a great Sichuan restaurant that he visited recently:

"One of the more unique Sichuan restaurants Houston. The flavors are super authentic without an unnecessary sweetness (that a lot of other places tend to sneak in). The spices being used are distinguishable for every dish and are not the same common, spicy profile.
This is the real thing, and I hope that the customer will take note of and tell the difference in flavor and execution. Chef Liu has been cooking for the past 39 years. He and his wife helped develop and build the original menu for Cooking Girl for when it first opened.
If there is one thing to me that stands out at this place, well, that would be the "spices" used. 
The "wok hei" from stir-fried cabbage dish can be felt and tasted. 

A client of mine, who had just come back from China told me that it's the exact same quality and authenticity that he just enjoyed back in China. My clients also ordered couple of special dishes that I wouldn't have tried on my own which totally surprised me pleasantly. "

Pictures follow:

My friend, Michael, is an excellent photographer. Is your mouth watering yet?

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