December 1, 2018

Barbecue - The Houston Barbecue Festival -2017

The Houston Barbecue Festival, the brainstorm of Chris Reid and Michael Fulmer went off with nary a hitch April 9, 2017 in this, its 5th time. When they started thinking about this event all those years back, they sat down with a group of friends and made a list of issues that had been noted at other events and put in place the correctives to assure they would avoid those. Over the years, the kaizen continues to kick in (continuous improvement). Each year has just gotten better and they told me that this was the smoothest year of operation yet.

Not a competition. A platform to promote Houston barbecue by inviting restaurants to come out for the day with samples of their fare. In one place, a Houstonian can sample at least 25 different places for 'cue.

The weather was perfect today. Cool. Breezy. I assisted with the check-in and that, too, went like clockwork.

Here are some photos from today. Note: some depict the animals on the spits so caveat emptor.

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