December 1, 2018

Cheap Eats Houston - Ranchero King Buffet

A seriously real bargain, considering the options available and the freshness of the food. This is not one of those all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet places where everything looks kind of grey and overcooked. I really think you will enjoy Ranchero King. There are several locations but we wanted to check out the one on I-45 just a tad south of the huge Gallery Furniture complex. I know that there is also one on I-10 right by the IKEA.

When we walked in, Tejano music was rocking out of the loudspeakers. There was steam rising from the hot entrees area. Veggie options were piled high. The salads looked really fresh and I jumped on the nopales/cactus option. Now, some of the meat options and fish options are a tad overcooked. And I didn't like the ground beef seasoning in the enchiladas. And I regret being too full to sample the hot champurado, the chiles rellenos and also the apple filled bread pudding (a kind of capirotada). Still, this is a place I wouldn't hesitate to recommend for an economical lunch or dinner (come hungry).

I chatted with a lady in the make-your-own taco section (she was grilling meats, tortillas, gorditas) and I learned that the tamales are made in-house. They were very good. A little bit halfway in size between the northern style and the larger, Mexico City style. Corn tortillas were made to order. Pork birría on the weekends!

Here follow some photos to wet your appetite:

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