December 1, 2018

Hot Sauce! Houston! Hot Sauce! The iBurn Hot Sauce Store on Bellaire Boulevard

So many hot sauces. So little time. We all have that friends whose friends convinced him/her that their hot sauce needed to come to market. Come up with a cute name. And join the thousand other hot sauces vying for the public's attention. Works for me.

One of my favorite places for checking out hot sauces is, of course, the giant Spec's on Smith Street.

But I wanted to call your attention to another one.

The iBurn store is in Bellaire, just near the railroad tracks and also near the famous and historically significant Moeller's Bakery, on Bellaire Blvd.

Here, as the photos will show, you are going to be walking into a store with hundreds of choices. And in the back, they have a special "Adults Only" section where the hottest of the hot sauces are shelved.

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